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HIATUS OVER! New content soon!

ThatCyberGuy5: Return of the Cyber Guy

Hello and welcome back everyone!

I am back and here to bring you more Cyber, Tech, and Mentorship content.

To clear the air, I recently took a hiatus from my tech blog to accomplish several things:

1. Finish my training at Microsoft through the MSSA program

2. Buy & Sell a home + Move family and self across the country!

3. Transition from the Active Duty Military

4. Start my new job in Cyber! Senior Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst at Cargill!

It was a tall order to achieve so I needed to take a break from my Cyber Blog to accomplish everything I set out to do - and I was successful! Now that I have started my new career in Cyber, I am returning to Cyber Mentoring and my Cyber blog.



- Solarwinds v. Microsoft Xchange - Which hack was hackier?

- Colonial Pipeline Ransomware - What we know now

- Ransomware: New trends in c-c-c-c-COMBO attack campaigns!


- Cyber Career Helper: How to Hack your resume (and self) to an Entry-level Cyber Career!

- How to Pass CompTIA Certifications: Specific Tips & Insight

- Veterans & MSSA: A Must for IT Transitioning Military


- now with MORE GIT

-Ansible repo with HTML, PHP, and shell scripting insights.

So thanks for stopping and I look forward to presenting more content soon!

Stay Safe, Stay Cyber!


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