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About Me, That Cyber Guy

I am a cyber security professional and military veteran with a decade in IT. I specialize in Digital Forensics, Incident Response, Threat Intelligence, Risk Management, Code review, and more! The road to becoming a cyber security professional is not an easy one, so I knew I had to give back to the cyber community in anyway I can.

Thus while on my quest to fight against imposter syndrome and improve my cyber skills, I founded That Cyber Guy 5. This is a website and blog dedicated to helping mentor fellow Cyber Security Professionals, guide people to IT certifications, and provide my insights on the latest Cyber Security news and reviews!

Why the "5?"

As a husband and father, I have very little free time on my hands. The free time I do have goes back into staying up to date on cyber news. Thus I found That Cyber Guy 5 to provide quick and easily digestible cyber news, reviews, tips, and tricks to help guide future cyber security professionals!

My hobbies include crushing IT certifications, rock climbing, my family, and playing with Raspberry Pis so I don't ever have to see mobile ads again!